The Get Ripped Podcast

Cody and Alex talk about fitness, health, equipment, food, and what it takes to have the perfect summer body all year long. This podcast is for the gym enthusiast and everyday man and woman.

Check out their Food Segment: A Bite of the Fit Life

Motivational Segment: Hurdle Through Your Workout
Stacy Adams

Stretch Four

Martin and Corey and sometimes joined by Cody and Alex talk all things NBA. We discuss who are the real contenders and who are the pretenders in the NBA.

The RPO Podcast

The RPO Podcast is your weekly digest of football and all things football. Join Alex and Cody, from the Get Ripped Podcast, and Corey as they talk about the NFL and maybe even a little college. Join them as they bring in to talk to special guess and dish their weekly hot takes and predictions.

The Lamar & Corey Show

This podcast is straight from the mind of my 7 soon to be 8-year-old son. Anything he wants to talk about we will. Enjoy!!!!

Lamar's Pick

Gig Essentials Podcast

This podcast talks about tricks, trends, and valuable information for then rideshare economy. No topic is off limits as the community comes together for financial independence.
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